Terms and Conditions

By using tunestotube.com, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions :

  • If you upload to YouTube via tunestotube.com, you agree to be bound by the YouTube Terms Of Service
  • If you upload to SoundCloud via tunestotube.com, you must adhere to the SoundCloud Terms of Use
  • You agree to not use tunestotube.com services to upload any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party.
  • By using the tunestotube.com service, you represent and warrant that you are the author and copyright owner and/or proper licensee with respect to any uploaded content and you further represent and warrant that no content violates the trademark or rights of any third party.
  • You agree to not use tunestotube.com services to upload any content that spreads messages of terror or depicts torture, related to pornography, or harm minors in any way. This includes any form of child pornography, animal sex, violence, scat or any other illegal content.

Failure to do so may get your account banned by YouTube, Twitter or SoundCloud - tunestotube.com also reserves the right to suspend your service in such an event.

tunestotube.com relies heavily on APIs provided by YouTube, SoundCloud and Twitter. Therefore, the service cannot be guaranteed if any of these are not functioning.
Features may have to be added/changed/removed as and when APIs (or their rules) are changed.

Fast Uploads

Upload an MP3 to YouTube in 3 seconds.


Operating since 2011, with 35,000,000 uploads from more than 1,500,000 users.

24/7 Customer Support

Support is provided directly by the software authors. Responses are usually immediate.

No transcoding

Your audio is unaltered, so there is no loss of quality.


Clean design and clear workflow makes tunestotube easy to use.


Render videos significantly faster than with tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc.

Feature rich

Loaded with extra features for the ideal user experience.


Created with recording studios, musicians and producers in mind.


TunesToTube never has access to your password, all authentication is performed via the YouTube API.

In addition to the free YouTube upload service, you can choose to upgrade your account to take advantage of the following additional features:

No watermark

The watermark is removed by default

Batch Upload Mode

Process 50 audio files at once

Scheduled Uploads

Set a date and time in the future for your upload to go live

Increased Upload Quota

Upload as many videos as your daily YouTube quota allows.

No Ads

A completely clean, ad-free experience

WAV / FLAC Uploads

Support for lossless audio formats such as WAV or FLAC

SoundCloud® uploads

Send your MP3 and image to SoundCloud at the same time you post to YouTube

SoundCloud® downloads

Transfer files from your SoundCloud account into the upload queue without leaving tunestotube

VP9 Audio Codec

Upload videos at higher resolutions to force YouTube to apply a higher quality audio codec

Save description and tags

To avoid having to copy them every time.

Default states

Live / Private, tick-boxes, etc. on the upload form

Use ID3 Tags

Extract ID3 information from MP3s and dynamically put into the title, description, and tags

Use ID3 Images

Extract the image from the music file's ID3 tag and use it as the background

Save a background image

So you don't need to re-upload for your future videos

Upload files via a URL

Transfers files hosted on your website, Dropbox®, and other services